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4 \pi in the sky

Kaloper, Nemanja (2017-05)
I will talk about EFT of monodromy inflation, strong coupling effects and their implications for future searches for primordial gravity waves.

Astrophysical Searches for Dark Matter: A Status Report

Profumo, Stefano (2017-05)
I will give an update on current status and future prospects in searching for the particle nature of dark matter with astronomical and cosmic ray observations. I will discuss a few more or less controversial signals, ...

Observational Constraints on the Primordial Helium Abundance

Skillman, Evan (2017-05)
I will review recent progress on the observational determination of the primordial helium abundance (Yp). Presently, the best constraints on Yp come from observations of star forming regions in very metal-poor galaxies ...

From local chemical evolution to cosmic chemical evolution

Vangioni, Elisabeth (2017-05)
My scientific life with Keith began about twenty five years ago with the study of the chemical evolution of light elements :cosmological elements D, He3, He4 and Li7 and spallative elements, LiBeB. Recently, major CMB ...