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Variability in Stream Temperature and Isotopic Signatures in the Lester River Watershed

Breeden, Faith; Dymond, Salli (2021-01)
There is little knowledge regarding the storage and release of water to streams along the north shore of Lake Superior, which can have implications for the resilience of streams to environmental change. We can better ...

Effects of Sulfate on the Boiremoval of Aqueous Lead Using Lemna Minor

Meyer, Elayna M (2020-12-30)
In this experiment, the effect of sulfate concentration on the biosorption rate of lead by lemna minor (common duckweed) was studied. Lead is a hazardous environmental contaminant and can cause harm to living organisms. ...

Developing an Assessment Instrument for Outreach Events to Measure Impact on STEM Identity of Middle and High School Students

Parranto, Helena; Bibelnieks, Tracy (2020-12)
There is a large body of research literature that uses quantitative and qualitative methods to identify factors affecting attitudes, interest and motivation of k-12 students to engage in and pursue STEM related activities, ...

Mechanical Properties of Carbon Fiber Laminate in Elevated Temperatures

Kangas, Jeffrey (2020-12)
The composite industry is rapidly growing its applications of lightweight polymer matrix composites (PMC) in aircraft, industrial machines, and automobiles due to their increased fuel efficiency. The mechanical behaviors ...