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Association Between Chemical Characteristics of Stream Water and the Abundance of Fish in Northeast Minnesota

Ye, Daniel (2021)
To study the association between the chemical characteristics of stream water and the abundance of fish, a canonical correlation analysis was carried out between the three major chemicals of streams and the fish counts of ...

Behavioral differences in sound detection in recently diverged cave and surface forms of Astyanax mexicanus

Kistner, Amanda R; Enriquez, Maya S; Michels, Noland O; Mensinger, Allen F (2021)
Astyanax mexicanus, or the Mexican tetra, inhabits both surface streams and cave systems, and has subsequently developed two unique morphologies: a cave morph and a surface morph. Cave morphs of the species have evolved ...

Exploring the Impact of Bile Acids on Microbes During Hibernation

Reynolds, Meredith K (2021)
In this study, the effect of bile acid concentration on the gut microbiome of squirrel ceca was studied. During the periods of hibernation in which an animal is fasting and has decreased metabolic activity, bile acid ...

Hunting for Intermediate-Mass Black Holes Using X-ray and Optical Images of Galaxies

Brunner-Huber, Eli W; Seigar, Marc S (2021)
The existence of stellar-mass and supermassive black holes has been confirmed and their properties investigated for many years now, but the existence of hypothesized black holes with masses between these two ranges, called ...

Collection and Analysis of Soil Thermal Property Data under Minnesota's Local Conditions

Tom, Gloria W (2021-08-10)
The aim of this research was to collect and collate soil thermal property data across Minnesota to support the ongoing modelling of Ground Source Heat Pump systems (GSHPs). The soil properties of interest essential in ...