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UMD Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)  [71]

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Identification of Karst Features in the Portsdown Chalk Fm. from Aerial Photography, Dorset, UK

Hammer, Morena N; Burley, Paul D; Mooers, Howard D (2020-01-14)
Cranborne Chase in south central England contains extensive archaeological evidence supporting a large Neolithic population from approximately 3600-3440 BC. Little to no data exists recording the environment that the ...

Designing and Testing a High Flow Rate Counterflow Atomizer System

Anderson, Lydia; Coughlin, Zach; Hoxie, Alison (2019-11)

A Quantitative Analysis of an Orphaned Set of Chipped Stone Tools in an Archaeology Teaching Collection

Jones, Jennifer E; Atkinson, Keara M; Conklin, Josh; Dixon, Eliot; Gross, Denaya; Gulan, Slade; Ippolite, Dominick D; Lochen, Michaela; Lockhart, Grace; Majkrzak, Hannah N; Mayo, Sofia; Resnikoff, Christopher; Schoettle, Jonathan; Trahan, Katherine; Warneke, Kaci; Weiss, Antonia; Yordy, Elizabeth (2019-12-03)
This report is the result of a semester-long project in Archaeological Method and Theory (ANTH 4620) at the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD). Carried out in the Fall of 2019 as the laboratory component of a class with ...

Characterizing the Mechanical Properties of Biological Tissues

Wallace, Niko J (2019-11-12)
This research provides information indicating individual pixel strains can be calculated via a uniaxial test to map the mechanical properties of tissue including the anisotropic nature of diseased tissue.

Optical Tracking and Recognition for Stage Robotics

Cherian, Aaron; Shanks, Sam (2019-11-12)
Optical tracking is a way to measure in real time the position of an object with the use of certain markers on that particular object. The markers used are usually a form of infrared light. This type of optical recognition ...

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