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UMD Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)  [145]

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This collection contains works by students participating in the UMD Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP).

Recently Added

Analyzing Plant Wax Profiles – Can Herbarium Species Serve As Proxies For Globally Distributed Plant Species?

Lastovich, Jacob R (2022)
Previous research has showed qualitative and quantitative similarity of compounds in wax profiles of plants. The aim of this project showed that these trends continued across the plant kingdom.

Differences in COVID-19 Guideline Adherence Among Sports Enthusiasts

Swanson, Abby; Hjelle, Ryan J (2022)
This study aims to find out if there are between-group differences among sport enthusiasts (e.g., football fan, hockey fan, etc.) regarding COVID-19 regulation adherence/beliefs, while considering any moderating effects ...

Factors of adherence to modified diets in individuals with dysphagia

Samargia-Grivette, Sharyl; Klemm, Abigail (2022)
Dysphagia is the term used to describe difficulty swallowing. Individuals with dysphagia are at high risk for respiratory illness including pneumonia leading to increased hospitalizations and even death due to laryngeal ...

The association between the relationship status of one’s biological parents and relationship destiny/growth beliefs: An application of Implicit Theories of Relationships

Willhite, Rachel M (2021-12)
Problem/ Purpose: Humans have an inherent desire to connect, build relationships, and be close to other people (particularly romantic partners). Several studies have shown that healthy relationships promote our mental and ...

Neighborhood face-magic labelings of fans and ladders

Hedtke, Alexa A (2022)
In a neighborhood face-magic labeling, we assign consecutive integer labels to the vertices, edges, and faces of a graph and the weight of each face is the sum of all labels of neighboring edges, vertices, and faces. We ...

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