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Biology Department Occasional Papers  [2]

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Persistent Effects of Herbaceous Species on the Infectious Lethality of Soil for Conifer Seedlings

Schimpf, David J.; Garske, Steven C.; Regal, Ronald R (2014-01-06)
Seeds of the coniferous trees Abies balsamea, Picea mariana, and Pinus strobus were sown in the laboratory in two soils taken from ground‐layer patches differing in species composition, one of which was dominated by ...

Did Cryptic Invasion of North America by Common Reed Change Exposure to Pollen Allergens?

Schimpf, David J.; White, Natalie A. (2011-02-24)
Common reed, Phragmites australis (reed), is a very tall grass that spread greatly to occupy large areas near many eastern North American cities over the past century. Its aerially dispersed pollen is known to incite ...