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NRRI Technical Reports - Water and the Environment  [177]

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Summary of Breeding Bird Trends in the Chippewa and Superior National Forests of Minnesota: 1995-2015

Zlonis, Edmund J.; Grinde, Alexis; Bednar, Josh; Niemi, Gerald J. (2016-02-12)

Minnesota’s Lake Superior Coastal Program: Evaluating Vital, Small Forested Wetlands

Olker, Jennifer; Hueffmeier, Ryan; Johnson, Lucinda B. (2016-02-12)

Development of Habitat Models and Habitat Maps for Breeding Bird Species In the Agassiz Lowlands Subsection, Minnesota, USA

Bednar, Josh; Zlonis, Edmund J.; Panci, Hannah; Moen, Ronald; Niemi, Gerald J. (2016-02-12)
We report results of a two-­‐year effort in 2013 and 2014 to sample breeding bird species in the extensive lowland coniferous forests in the Agassiz Lowland Ecological Subsection (ALS) of no ...

Encampment Forest: Breeding Bird Species Composition – 2014-2015

Niemi, Gerald J.; Condon, Elizabeth; Bracey, Annie; Zlonis, Edmund J.; Schutte, Sara (2016-02-10)
During the summers of 2014 and 2015, we completed point count surveys for breeding birds along transects within a selected portion of the Encampment Forest during the breeding season (June) and the post-breeding season ...

Paleolimnology of the Lake of the Woods southern basin

Reavie, Euan; Edlund, Mark B; Andresen, Norman A; Engstrom, Daniel R (2016-02-10)
To quantify the environmental history of the southern basin of Lake of the Woods (Ontario, Manitoba and Minnesota), seven core locations were selected for retrospective analyses. Primary goals were to determine pre-European ...

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