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Erie Pier Dredge Material Beneficial Use Study Final Report February 25, 2013

Patelke, Marsha M.; Levar, Thomas E.; Zanko, Lawrence M.; Oreskovich, Julie A.; Maly, Craig (2016-08-01)
A two-year (2011-2012) study was undertaken by the University of Minnesota Duluth Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI) to conduct lab and field demonstrations – as well as concurrent testing and monitoring – related ...

The Economics and Logistics of Transporting Taconite Mining and Processing Byproducts (Aggregate): Minnesota and Beyond

Zanko, Lawrence M. (2016-07-29)
Every year, Minnesota’s taconite mining industry generates over 125 million tons of mining byproducts, a figure that is more than double the entire state’s annual aggregate usage. Since 2000, the Natural Resources ...

A Brief History of the Use of Taconite Aggregate (Mesabi Hard RockTM) in Minnesota (1950s – 2007)

Oreskovich, Julie A. (2016-07-29)
Taconite aggregates (collectively termed Mesabi Hard Rock™) have been used as construction aggregate in Minnesota for nearly 50 years, dating back to the early days of the taconite industry. Coarse taconite tailings are ...

Cost Comparison of Underground and Surface Mining Options for Potential Western Mesabi Range Iron Ore Resources

Zanko, Lawrence M. (2016-07-29)
This summary report compares capital and operating costs associated with hypothetical underground and surface mining operations located on Minnesota’s Western Mesabi Iron Range. Spreadsheet cost models developed by ...

Generalized Mineral Potential of the Mesabi Purchase Area, Northern Minnesota

Severson, Mark J.; Hauck, Steven A.; Heine, John J.; Fosnacht, Donald (2016-07-29)
Most of the Mesabi Purchase is underlain by granitic rocks of the Giants Range Batholith that exhibit an extremely low mineral potential to host a metallic deposit. This low potential is demonstrated by the lack of mineral ...