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This collection consists of public posters advertising events at or associated with the University of Minnesota Duluth, including lectures, seminars, feasts, drag shows, concerts, fairs, and more. Currently the collection contains materials from approximately 2009 through 2020, with more continuing to be added. Please note that this is just a small sampling of the public posters appearing on campus over this time period.

Recently Added

Invisible Cities: Indigenous Resistance in Urban Colombia (2020-04-22)

University of Minnesota Duluth. Royal D. Alworth, Jr. Institute for International Studies; University of Minnesota Duluth. Office of Diversity and Inclusion; University of Minnesota Duluth. Department of World Languages and Cultures; Witness for Peace; Quiscue, Maria Violet Medina (2020)
Featuring Maria Violet Medina Quiscue, Coordinator of the Committee of Indigenous Peoples Victims of the Armed Conflict in Bogota; The speaker, Maria Violet Medina Quiscue, is General Coordinator for the Mesa de Pueblos ...

Annual Student Exhibition (2020)

University of Minnesota Duluth. Department of Art and Design (2020)
The Department of Art & Design at the University of Minnesota Duluth invites the public to our “virtual” Annual Student Exhibition (ASE). This Annual Student Exhibition is a juried show of work executed by students who ...

Express Your Selfie Week 2020 (2020-04)

University of Minnesota Duluth. Queer and Allied Student Union; University of Minnesota Duluth. Office of Diversity and Inclusion (2020)
Interact with the QASU community! Wear the corresponding color each day, Post on Facebook or Instagram with the Hashtag #EYSW2020 ! Monday, April 20th = Red/Orange; Tuesday, April 21st = Yellow; Wednesday, April 22nd = ...

Virtual Bulldogs Behind the Scenes: Hartley Nature Center (2020-04-09)

University of Minnesota Duluth. Alumni Relations (2020)
Tom O’Rourke, Executive Director, will take you to some of the most hidden corners of Hartley’s 660 acres through a virtual hike! Following the “hike,” Tom and his team will host a discussion to answer all of your questions.

RSOP Thursday Night Trivia (2020)

University of Minnesota Duluth. Recreational Sports Outdoor Program (2020)
The staff at RSOP invite you to connect with your co-workers and students around a friendly game of trivia. Every Thursday night will be hosted by a different staff member with a fresh batch of UMD & pop culture related ...

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