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Posters  [297]

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This collection consists of public posters advertising events at or associated with the University of Minnesota Duluth, including lectures, seminars, concerts, fairs, festivals, and more. Currently the collection contains materials from approximately 2013 through 2016, with more continuing to be added.

Recently Added

Random Acts of Kindness (2016-02-25)

Unknown author (2016)
This is an organization dedicated to helping others and giving back to our community. Come to our Launch night to find out more information and get involved!

December Diaper Drive (2015-12)

University of Minnesota Duluth. Commission for Women (2015)

Alworth Institute Global Migration Lecture (2 events)(2016-03)

University of Minnesota Duluth. Royal D. Alworth Jr. Institute for International Studies (2016)

Ugly Sweater Night (2015-12-04)

University of Minnesota Duluth. Commission for Women (2015)

If You Build It, Will They Come? Breeding Birds (Expected and Not) of an Abandoned Taconite Mining Area (2015-12-17)

Wilson, Steve; University of Minnesota Duluth. Natural Resources Research Institute (2015)
Steve Wilson has spent over 200 hours during the last four summers searching for birds in what may be Minnesota’s least-birded habitat: the mined areas of Minnesota’s Iron Range. He speculates that more westerly bird ...

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