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CEHSP Theses and Dissertations  [155]

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This collection of theses and dissertations contains research works produced by UMD graduate students. Some of these were submitted in an electronic format, and others were digitized from the print copy deposited in the Kathryn A. Martin Library. If you have any questions concerning your thesis or dissertation in this collection, please contact us at:

Recently Added

Job Hopping Motives: An Extension of the Unfolding Model of Voluntary Employee Turnover

Shrift, Alison G (2016-05)
Job hopping motives were compared to the components of the unfolding model of voluntary turnover (Lee & Mitchell, 1994). The advancement and escape job hopping motives of 708 people were examined, and incorporated into the ...

“The Freshman Fifteen” and Beyond: A Meta-Analysis

Lammert, Hannah R (2016-05)
The rising rates of overweight and obesity have led to concerns about the increased risk for developing several negative health consequences. Poor eating habits and lack of sufficient levels of physical activity contribute ...

Relationships between Binge Drinking and Binge Eating with Facets of Impulsivity, Reinforcement Sensitivity and Attentional Bias

Holmberg, Laura (2016-05)
The purpose of the present study was to assess how the specific facets of impulsive personality and behavioral measures of impulsivity are related to binge eating and binge drinking singularly and concurrently. We looked ...

Stepping Up UMD Group Health Coaching: A Behavioral Intervention

Daly, Matthew C (2016-05)
Dangerous health risks due to sedentary lifestyles prove to be a serious issue, especially to those holding traditional desk jobs in the workplace. Upon request of the UMD Health and Wellness Center’s Lifestyle Management ...

Impulsivity and Risky Decision-Making)

Young, Nathaniel A (2016-05)
The relationships between emotion, trait impulsivity, sensitivity to reward and punishment and risky decision-making were explored. Twenty-Seven undergraduate psychology students (14 males and 13 females) completed the ...

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