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Franklin Sayre  [5]

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For Fun and Profit: Supporting Research Commercialization with Interdisciplinary Liaison Teams

Sayre, Franklin; Lilyard, Caroline; Schoenborn, Mary (2017)

Assessing Information Resource Access and Habits Among Pharmacists

Sayre, Franklin D; Reidt, Shannon; Harwood, Eileen M; Jolowsky, Christene; Lunos, Scott; Rodriguez, Raquel (2016)
Pharmacy students are taught how to find, use, and evaluate information in order to answer clinical questions, yet little is known about which resources they will have access to once they are working and how those resources ...

QuARCC: The Quality Assurance Research Reproducibility Collaborative

Hegstad-Davies, Rebecca L; Sayre, Franklin D; Laube, Katrina; Bakker, Caitlin; Shimizu, Y (2017)

10,000 Workflows A Community-Centered Approach to Personal Information Management

Kocher, Megan; Bergland, Kristi; Bishoff, Carolyn; Claussen, Amy; Kempf, Jody; Sayre, Franklin D (2017-03)

Where in Academia are ELNs? Support for Electronic Lab Notebooks at Top American Research Universities

Sayre, Franklin D; Bakker, Caitlin J.; Johnston, Lisa R; Kocher, Megan; Lafferty, Meghan; Kelly, Julia A. (2017-03)