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Estimating Bicycle Infrastructure  [2]

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Performance Measures for Bicycling: Trips and Miles Traveled in Minnesota

Lindsey, Greg; Schoner, Jessica (Presentation at 95th Annual Transportation Research Board Meeting, and Publication in the Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, 2016)
Transportation managers are grappling with the challenge of implementing performance management systems for all modes of transportation, including bicycling. Comprehensive measures of the magnitude of bicycling for states, ...

Assessing the Economic Impact and Health Benefits of Bicycling in Minnesota

Lindsey, Greg; Quian, Xinyi; Linscheid, Neil; Tuck, Brigid; Schoner, Jessica; Pereira, Mark; Berger, Aaron (Minnesota Department of Transportation Research Services and Library, 2016)
This project estimated the economic impact of the bicycling industry and events in Minnesota, estimated bicycling infrastructure use across the state, and assessed the health effects of bicycling in the Twin Cities ...