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Dye Trace Reports  [124]

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Orion Sinkhole Plain - Devil’s Den Spring Complex; Olmsted County, Minnesota; 2018 Dye Trace Report

Barry, John D; Green, Jeffrey A; Larsen, Martin R; Alexander Jr., E Calvin (2020-01)

2015 Olmsted County Dye Traces

Larsen, Martin R; Johnson, Scot B; Green, Jeffrey A; Kasahara, Sophie M; Wheeler, Betty J; Alexander Jr, E Calvin (2019-04-17)

Bear Spring, Olmsted County, Minnesota; April 2018 Dye Trace and 2016-2018 Spring Monitoring Report

Barry, John D; Larsen, Martin R; Tipping, Robert G; Alexander, Scott C; Alexander Jr, E Calvin (2019-01-29)

Crystal Creek Fillmore County, Minnesota 2018 Dye Trace and Spring Monitoring Report. Traces: March 14 2018, March 17 2018

Barry, John D; Kuehner, Kevin J; Green, Jeffrey A; Fischer, Caleb; Mathison, Aaren; Ribikawskis, Matthew; Alexander Jr, E Calvin (2019-01-14)

August 1982 Root River Dye Trace

Alexander Jr., E Calvin (Journal of Freshwater, 1982)

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