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Hispanic Issues On Line (HIOL): Volume 15 (Spring 2014): Writing Monsters: Essays on Iberian and Latin American Cultures  [14]

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Editors: Adriana Gordillo and Nicholas Spadaccini

Recently Added

Introduction: Reading Monsters in Iberian and Spanish American Contexts

Gordillo, Adriana; Spadaccini, Nicholas (Hispanic Issues Series, 2014)

Monstrous Births: Authority and Biology in Early Modern Spain

Barragán, José P.; Martín-Estudillo, Luis (Hispanic Issues Series, 2014)

What Kind of Monster Are You, Galatea?

Baena, Julio (Hispanic Issues Series, 2014)

Zayas Unchained: A Perverse God, or Theological Kitsch?

Nelson, Bradley J. (Hispanic Issues Series, 2014)

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