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Bullets, Bracelets, and Social Struggle

Beard, David; Emad, Mitra (K. A. Martin Library & Alworth Institute, 2015-01-28)

Revising a Course to Include US, Hmong, and Vietnamese Soldiers’ Literary Reflections on the War

Beard, David (2020 Internationalizing the Curriculum and Campus Conference: Leap Into Global Learning (Global Programs and Strategy Alliance), 2020-02)

Designing a Merit Process as Intellectual Work

Beard, David (ADE Bulletin, 2019)

Rethinking the teaching of grammar from the perspective of corpus linguistics

Beard, David; Park, Chongwon; Wright, Elizabethada; Regal, Ron (Linguistic Research, 2019)
Despite calls from many composition and rhetoric scholars for instructors of writing to stop teaching prescriptive grammar, a vast number of handbooks intended for college writing classes encourage this tradition. For ...