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Effects of Cooperative Learning on Academic Outcomes in a Diverse Laboratory Science Undergraduate Course

Zahnle, Nicole E. (2016-07-05)
The purpose of this study was to examine the addition of cooperative learning techniques in an undergraduate laboratory science course and determine if there would be any effect on academic outcomes and cooperative learning ...

The Correlation between College Student Engagement and 1st to 2nd Year Retention

Zobel, Emily J. (2016-05-25)
This study sought to contribute additional research to the field of education that directly connects student engagement with student outcomes, as the literature calls for further validation in this area of postsecondary ...

Integrating Sustainability Education into the University Pre-Service Teacher Elementary Education Curriculum through the Lens of School Gardens

Bluhm, Brian Errol (2016-05-20)
Sustainability is a major challenge the people of the world will need to address in the 21st century. Teachers play an invaluable role in preparing youth to address issues of sustainability. This project was developed to ...

The Effect of a Canoe-Based Wilderness Immersion Experience on Young Adolescents’ Connectedness to Nature

Feldbrugge, Ryan M. (2016-05-19)
Wilderness areas can be very impactful places for young adolescents and experience in them has documented positive effects on their development. They may also be a means for increasing young adolescents’ connectedness to ...

Effects of Framing and Timing of Realistic Job Previews

Ward, Michael P. (2016-04-21)
This study examined the effects of message framing and timing of the message delivery in the hiring process. Framing of the realistic job preview (RJP) message to participants was manipulated to randomly assign them to ...

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