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The Inclusion of Environmental Education in Formal Education through the Use of Educational Technology, a Study of Project Noah

Arthur Jr., Augustus (2015-07)
The purpose of this survey research is to find out the effect of the use of technological tools in the teaching of lessons in Environmental Education in the formal classroom. This study will use the example of Project ...

Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center Organic Farm: A Curriculum Evaluation

Stewart, Melanie Jain (2015-05)
Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center (WRELC), located in Finland, MN, recently developed a new curriculum for their on-site organic farm. Using a one group pre-test/post-test design, this evaluative study investigated ...

Best Practices in Environmental Education Fields Trips: The Importance of Curricular Integration, Preparation, and Follow-up

Floberg, Kathleen (2015-05)
There is a large body of research extending across multiple disciplines that indicate how to implement a field trip so it reaches optimal educational potential. Past research shows that more comprehensive preparation and ...

An Evaluation of Student Interest, Influence and Motivation in Science and Science Related Courses and Their Relevance to Student Performance, Course Selection and Long-Term Interest in Science

Welsh, Cynthia Ann; Sandholm, Paul H.; Meyer, Tamara A. (2002-08)
This study investigates and evaluates the ages that students are most interested in science. Understanding the factors that affect and influences this interest, will allow educators to have a better knowledge of conditions ...