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Pebbling of Oriented Graphs

DeVries, Jerad S (2017-09)
In traditional graph pebbling a move across an edge is made by removing two pebbles from one vertex and adding one pebble to an adjacent vertex. We extend this concept to oriented graphs by subtracting three pebbles when ...

Multivariate Zero-Inflated Poisson Regression

Wang, Yang (2017-06)
In this report, we develop a procedure to analyze the relationship between the ob- served multi-dimensional counts and a set of explanatory variables. The counts follow a multivariate Poisson distribution or a multivariate ...

Applied Time Series and Duluth Temperature Prediction

Wan, Xiangpeng (2017-06)
Autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) has been one of the popular linear models in time series forecasting during the past three decades.The Triple Expo- nential Model also can be used to fit the time series ...

Vertex Magic Group Edge Labelings

McKeown, Michael A (2017-05)
A vertex-magic group edge labeling of a graph G(V;E) with |E| = n is an injection from E to an abelian group ᴦ of order n such that the sum of labels of all incident edges of every vertex x ϵ V is equal to the same element ...

Statistical Analysis of Moose Habitat Behaviors Using Bayesian Hierarchical Model with Spatially Varying Coefficients

Kroc, Matej (2017-06)
In the past few years interest in statistical modeling has rapidly increased for scientists in many different fields. With new technologies and the ability to collect larger amounts of data they sought a tool which would ...

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