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Evaluation of Community Benefits Provided by Minnesota Non-Profit Hospitals

Libal, Robert; Schultz, Jennifer (2020-12)
This research compares community benefits and tax exemptions for hospitals in Minnesota. Primary spending categories are evaluated over the last 6 years. To evaluate hospitals equitably, we exempted critical access hospitals ...

Anticancer Activity of Mycophenolic Acid

Bowman, Amy (2020-12)

Psychological Safety as an Antecedent to Group Engagement and Attitudes Among College Students

Kirchner, Katelyn A (2020-12-10)
This study examines the relationships between psychological safety, engagement in groups, attitudes toward groups, and the extraversion personality trait in a higher academic setting.

Comparison of Plastic Apimaye Hive with Wooden Langstroth Hive for Improved Winterizing Efficiency and Mite Control

Erickson, Mikayla M; Salwei, Maggie L (2020-12)
The wooden langstroth beehive has been commonly used around the world since the early twenties. Pesticides and the global spread of the varroa mite (V. destructor) continue to stress honey bee (Apis mellifera) colonies ...

Examination of Therapeutic Outcome Knowledge for its Impact on Alliance Ratings

Lokhorst, Susan L (2020)
The therapeutic alliance between a therapist and a client is believed to be one of the most important parts of the recovery process for clients receiving mental health counseling or therapy (Flückiger, 2018). The therapeutic ...