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Role of Focused, Deep Groundwater Input from Springs in Maintaining Winter Refugia in North-shore Trout Streams

Nesheim, Samuel R; Swenson, John B (2020)
North-shore streams provide marginal habitat for trout. Stream discharge and temperature reach extremes in mid-to-late summer, during dry periods, and again in winter, when runoff is essentially non-existent. Deeper ...

CO2 Capture with Potassium Carbonate and Alcohol

Akeeb, Olajumobi; Junes, Connor; Luedtke, Zachary (2020)
Traditional CO2 capture technologies using amine-based sorbents are very energy intensive and result in secondary environmental pollution originating from amine degradation. In this work, a low temperature, energy saving ...

Quantifying physical characteristics of granular cherty material to determine transport history and depositional setting of iron formation from the ~1.9 Ga Mesabi Iron Range, MN

Johnson, Kendall A (2018)
Iron formations along the Mesabi Range (Figure 1) in Minnesota are studied for various economic reasons, but for the purpose of this project, we focus on the physical properties of the individual grains in order to ...

Comparative mineralogy of the ~2.7 Ga Soudan Iron Formation, Minnesota and the Deloro Iron Formation, Timmins, ON, and the Temagami Iron Formation, Temagami, ON.

Stolze, Danielle M (2020-05-27)
The purpose of this project was to compare the mineralogy of similarly aged rocks from the Soudan Iron Formation in Minnesota and the Temagami and Deloro Iron Formations in Ontario, Canada. We found that the iron-bearing ...

Reversing the Escape Algorithm for the Plane

Shoemaker, Blake J; Peckham, Bruce B (2020-05-24)
The objective of this research is to develop a method of finding a function which produces a given escape diagram. An escape diagram is a graphical representation of the set of inputs in the domain of a function which remain ...