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Health Sciences Libraries  [8]

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1:Button Studio, Bio-Medical Library

Health Sciences Libraries (Health Sciences Libraries, 2017)
1:Button Studios are fully automated High Definition video recording spaces with professional studio lighting and sound equipment. They are setup to record high-quality video and audio without any knowledge of lighting and ...

Furniture Survey Analysis (Brief) - Bio-Medical Library, January 2017

Health Sciences Libraries (2017-03)
In the spring of 2016, the Bio-Medical Library at the University of Minnesota conducted a limited renovation of three floors of the library. Renovation elements included removal of a wall on the main level to open up ...

An Interprofessional Library in the Health Sciences Education Center

Jaguszewski, Janice; Aspinall, Erinn (2016-08-03)

Health Sciences Libraries Annual Report, January-December 2016

Health Sciences Libraries (2016)
The Health Sciences Libraries at the University of Minnesota looks back at accomplishments in 2016.

Library as Partner in the AHC

Jaguszewski, Janice M; McGuire, Lisa (2017-01-17)
This presentation offers a vision for what a health science library is and will be in the future, including connector, common good, creative catalyst, and service-rich environment available to all. Services related to ...

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