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School of Architecture Student Papers and Research  [4]

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Procession in Renaissance Venice: Effect of Ritual Procession on the Built Environment and the Citizens of Venice

Ghoshal, Shreya (2016)
For Venetians, the miraculous rediscovery of Saint Mark’s body brought not only the reestablishment of a bond between the city and the Saint, but also a bond between the city’s residents, both by way of ritual procession. ...

Neoliberal Housing Policy: Adaptation for Housing Frameworks in Latin America

Lee, Ka Yan (2016-11)
Housing stock within Latin American counties is in critical condition as population continues to flourish. To alleviate this epidemic of housing shortage, current housing policy frameworks are examined for events in the ...

Design Guidelines for Low Income Housing

Matuke, Samantha T (2016-12)
The guidelines and case studies presented in this guide focus specifically on housing projects for low income communities. It must be acknowledged that there are other, sometimes more successful, methods of housing low ...

Mathematical Beauty in Renaissance Architecture

Matuke, Samantha (2016)
Many buildings throughout the Renaissance were perceived as beautiful, and remain to be seen as so. Leon Battista Alberti defines beauty as “that reasoned harmony of all the parts within a body, so that nothing may be ...