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Golden-winged Warbler Ecology, Conservation, and Habitat Management

Streby, Henry M.; Andersen, David E.; Buehler, David A. (CRC Press, 2016)

Spring distributions and relationships with land cover and hydrogeologic strata in a karst landscape in Winona County, Minnesota, USA

Williams, Mary, A.; Vondracek, Bruce (2010)
Karst aquifers are important groundwater resources, but are vulnerable to contamination due to relatively rapid subsurface transport. Springs, points where the landscape and water table intersect and cold groundwater ...

The impact of rare taxa on a fish index of biotic integrity

Wan, Haibo; Chizinski, Christopher, J.; Dolph, Christine, L.; Vondracek, Bruce; Wilson, Bruce, N. (2010)
The index of biotic integrity (IBI) is a commonly used bioassessment tool that integrates abundance and richness measures to assess water quality. In developing IBIs that are both responsive to human disturbance and ...

Factors Associated with Mortality of Walleyes and Saugers Caught in Live-Release Tournaments

Schramm, Harold, L. Jr.; Vondracek, Bruce; French, William, E.; Gerard, Patrick, D. (2010)
We measured the initial mortality (fish judged nonreleasable at weigh-in), prerelease mortality (fish judged nonreleasable 1–2 h after weigh-in [which includes initial mortality]), and postrelease mortality (fish that ...

Relationships among rotational and conventional grazing systems, stream channels, and macroinvertebrates

Raymond, Kara, L.; Vondracek, Bruce (2011)
Cattle grazing in riparian areas can reduce water quality, alter stream channel characteristics, and alter fish and macroinvertebrate assemblage structure. The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation ...

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