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Lake of the Woods Solid Waste Policy Report

Krause, Lindsey (2020-08)
Research was conducted for Lake of the Woods County to find policy solutions for the budgetary deficits the county solid waste system and emergency services received in winter of 2020. The deficits were due to the record ...

TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THIS MOMENT AND OPPORTUNITY - Regional market analysis and marketing recommendations

Reno, Emily (2020)
Agua Gorda Cooperative undertook a project from February to May of 2020 with the following objectives: 1. Research and develop a market analysis for Cooperativa Agua Gorda’s local produce. 2. Develop a marketing plan ...

Creating a Welcoming Community: A Toolkit to Support Immigrants, Refugees, and BIPOC

Scott, Alyssa (2020-07)
We continue to see a trend of immigrants, refugees and Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) moving into Greater Minnesota communities. This trend is in part due to the opportunities that are available because ...

A Social Science Assessment of Conservation Practices in the Red River Basin of Minnesota

pradhananga, Amit; Perry, Vanessa; Davenport, Mae A. Ph.D. (Department of Forest Resources, University of Minnesota, 2014-06)
This report describes a social science assessment of conservation practices conducted in the Red River Basin, Minnesota. The study was conducted by the Department of Forest Resources, University of Minnesota in collaboration ...

Feasibility Study for a Heritage Farm in Pine River, MN

Panda, Anindya K. (University of Minnesota Extension. Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA), and Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships., 2020-05)
This report presents findings from the financial analysis of a heritage farm proposed to be set up in Pine River, Minnesota. Heritage Group North, Inc. is spearheading the idea of setting up the proposed heritage farm with ...