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Hispanic Issues On Line (HIOL): Volume 06 (Spring 2010): Huidobro's Futurity: Twenty-First Century Approaches  [14]

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Editors: Luis Correa-Díaz, Scott Weintraub

Recently Added

Huidobro's Absolute Modernity/Futurity: An Introduction

Weintraub, Scott; Correa-Días, Luis (Hispanic Issues Series, 2010)

Huidobro's Transatlantic Politics of Solidarity and the Poetics of the Spanish Civil War

Enjuto Rangel, Cecilia (Hispanic Issues Series, 2010)

Vicente Huidobro's Salle 14: In Pursuit of the Autonomy of the Object

Sarabia, Rosa (Hispanic Issues Series, 2010)

Altazor and Huidobro's "Aesthetic Individualism"

Dawes, Greg (Hispanic Issues Series, 2010)

Altazor: A New Arrangement

Willis, Bruce Dean (Hispanic Issues Series, 2010)

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