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2016 Research Forum Abstracts  [10]

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CSI-FM: A Research Intensive Course to Improve Faculty Scholarship

Buffington, Angela; Lange, Carol; Nanney, Susie; Okuyemi, Kola; Roberts, Bill; Hoefer, Chris (2016-03)

“Allopurinol Does Not Help Me”: An Assessment of Medication Effectiveness in Hmong Adults with Gout

Culhane-Pera, Kathleen A.; Roman, Youssef M.; Lo, Muaj; Kue, Nhia Pao; Lo, May Xia; Yang, John; Yang, Shoua; Thao, Noel Kee; Thao, Lissee; Straka, Robert J. (2016-03)

The Effect of an Automated Point of Care tool on Diagnosis and Management of Childhood Obesity in Primary Care

Gentile, Natalie; Cristiani, Valeria; Lynch, Brian A.; Wilson, P.; Weaver, A.; Rutten, L.; Jacobson, MS; Sriram, S.; Kumar, S. (2016-03)

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