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Valerie Belair-Gagnon  [11]

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Failure to Launch: Competing Institutional Logics, Intrapreneurship, and the Case of Chatbots

Belair-Gagnon, Valerie; Lewis, Seth C.; Agur, Colin (2020)

The Changing Physical and Social Environment of Newsgathering: A Case Study of Foreign Correspondents Using Chat Apps During Unrest

Belair-Gagnon, Valerie; Agur, Colin; Frisch, Nicholas (Social Media + Society, 2017-03)
Mobile chat apps have shaped multiple forms of communication in everyday life, including education, family, business, and health communication. In journalism, chat apps have taken on a heightened significance in reporting ...

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Journalistic Disruption

Belair-Gagnon, Valerie; Holton, Avery; Owen, Taylor (Digital Journalism, 2017)
In recent years, there has been a surge in research on small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in news production and news audience engagement. Most of this research has focused on legal, ethical, and regulatory implications ...

Citizen media and journalism

Belair-Gagnon, Valerie; Anderson, C.W. (The International Encyclopedia of Digital Communication and Society, 2015)
Citizen media is defined as a form of journalism that provides an alternative to traditional journalism. It is now an integral part of journalism input, production, dissemination, and consumption. The citizen media that ...

#Verdict2014: social media and change in Indian legacy media during the 2014 lok sabha election

Belair-Gagnon, Valerie; Agur, Colin (Center for the Study of Journalism at Bornemouth University, 2015)

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