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Public affairs research provides important insights into issues that impact all of us—from urban planning and design to environmental policy and human services. Too frequently, this research is published in academic journals that are not accessible to people outside of academia. When important policy research is not seen by practitioners, policymakers, and the broader public, we lose the opportunity to inform policy decisions with researched-based information. Civios aims to change that.

An initiative of the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, Civios offers short and visually engaging digital materials to inform public affairs discussions. These materials translate policy-relevant scholarly research for policymakers, practitioners, and the broader public.

Taking research one step further

In today's digital age, important research often fails to reach its target audiences in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. To address this problem, Civios includes a strategic communication plan to disseminate each research-based "product" developed—whether it is a podcast, mixed media material, or case study—to relevant audiences. Not only does this make Civios a gateway for the research, but it becomes a vehicle for sharing the research far and wide. This targeted distribution produces what we call knowledge networks—or "hubs of influence"—that are most effective for communicating public affairs research in the digital age.

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Recently Added

Retention and Its Discontents: How Ideal Workers with Family Aspirations Navigate Career Decision-Making

Oelberger, Carrie (2018-03-28)
Every career decision invites an opportunity to realize – or repress – deeply held desires. Furthermore, modern careers provide recurrent possibilities to engage in these reflections. I examine career decision-making for ...

Tipping the Scales: How Deeply Meaningful Work Increases Work-Relationship Conflict and the Moderating Role of Occupational Value Homophily with Close Others

Oelberger, Carrie (2018-03-08)
How is work-relationship conflict experienced by people in deeply meaningful work, those who experience both self-actualization and self-transcendence through work? Drawing upon in-depth interview data with 82 international ...

Immigrants and Minnesota's Workforce

Allen, Ryan (University of Minnesota, 2017-01)
The purpose of this report is to describe a range of important factors in understanding the demographic changes underway in Minnesota, with particular attention to evolving trends related to immigrants and refugees, and ...

Six Principles for Energy Innovation

Chan, Gabriel; Goldstein, Anna P.; Bin-Nun, Amitai; Anadon, Laura Diaz; Narayanamurti, Venkatesh (Nature, 2017-12-07)

Racially Concentrated Areas of Affluence: A Preliminary Investigation

Damiano, Tony; Hicks, Jason; Goetz, Edward G. (2017-02)

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