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Lessons from numerical holography

Yaffe, Laurence (2016-05-13)
Gauge/gravity duality (or “holography”) allows one to calculate highly non-trivial far from equilibrium dynamics in strongly coupledgauge theory --- provided one can solve asymptotically anti-deSitter initial value problems ...

How supersymmetry helps to understand hydrodynamics

Koroteev, Peter (2016-05-15)
We discuss the connection between periodic finite-difference Intermediate Long Wave hydrodynamical systems and integrable many-body models of Calogero and Ruijsenaars-type. The former describe quantum cohomology and quantum ...

Non-Abelian string of a finite length

Monin, Sergey (2016-05-15)
We consider world-sheet theories for non-Abelian strings assuming compactification on a cylinder with a finite circumference $L$ and periodic boundary conditions. The dynamics of the orientational modes is described by ...

Worldsheet-induced corrections to the holographic Veneziano amplitude

Ireson, Edwin (2016-05-15)
Following an earlier result that recovered the Veneziano amplitude in the high-energy regime of Yang-Mills theories by the AdS/CFT correspondance, the natural next step forward is to investigate what kind of corrections ...

Large-N CP(N-1) sigma model on a finite interval with the Dirichlet condition

Ohashi, Keisuke (2016-05-15)
We study the large-N solution of the bosonic CP(N-1) model on a finite interval |with the Dirichlet conditions. In the literature, this model has been studied with translational invariant ansatz and there an existence of ...