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Traffic Flow Variation and Network Structure

Ermagun, Alireza; Levinson, David M. (2017)
This study defines and detects competitive and complementary links in a complex network and constructs theories illustrating how the variation of traffic flow is interconnected with network structure. To test the hypotheses, ...

Spatiotemporal Short-term Traffic Forecasting using the Network Weight Matrix and Systematic Detrending

Ermagun, Alireza; Levinson, David M (2017-08)
This study examines the dependency between traffic links using a three-dimensional data detrend- ing algorithm to build a network weight matrix in a real-world example. The network weight matrix reveals how links are ...

Safety in Numbers and Safety in Congestion for Bicyclists and Motorists at Urban Intersections

Carlson, Kristin; Ermagun, Alireza; Murphy, Brendan; Owen, Andrew; Levinson, David M. (2017)
This study assesses the estimated crashes per bicyclist and per vehicle as a function of bicyclist and vehicle traffic, and tests whether greater traffic reduces the per-car crash rate. We present a framework for comprehensive ...

Unexpected versus expected network disruption: Effects on travel behavior

Danczyk, Adam; Di, Xuan; Liu, Henry X; Levinson, David M (Elsevier, 2017-02)
This paper discusses the observed evolution of traffic in the Minneapolis-St Paul (Twin Cities) region road network following the unexpected collapse of the I-35W Bridge over the Mississippi River. The observations presented ...