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2016 Student Sustainability Symposium Posters  [3]

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Coffee to biodiesel: A quest for green energy

Ramitha, D.M.; Rupasinghe, Y.P.; Fischer, Abbey (2016)

Sustainability Metric Case Study on Biaryl Bond Formation

Danielson, Korbyn M.; Topczewski, Joseph J. (2016)
The most common metric used to measure chemical processes is yield, which does not take into account all inputs. A more holistic view of chemical reactions is needed and a metric based analysis could be used to systematically ...

Immersed in Nature: Recommendations for Mental Health Research

Barnes, Michael R.; Donahue, Marie; Shorb, Cameron M. (2016)
With 81% of the population living in cities in the United States, urban populations growing worldwide, and well-being of these residents receiving greater attention, there has been increased demand for information about ...