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Megan Kocher  [6]

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10,000 Workflows A Community-Centered Approach to Personal Information Management

Kocher, Megan; Bergland, Kristi; Bishoff, Carolyn; Claussen, Amy; Kempf, Jody; Sayre, Franklin D (2017-03)

Where in Academia are ELNs? Support for Electronic Lab Notebooks at Top American Research Universities

Sayre, Franklin D; Bakker, Caitlin J.; Johnston, Lisa R; Kocher, Megan; Lafferty, Meghan; Kelly, Julia A. (2017-03)

Using to Retrieve Agricultural Web Traffic Data

Riegelman, Amy L.; Kocher, Megan (2016-04)

Participation in a large-scale study to evaluate agricultural research support services

Kocher, Megan; Farrell, Shannon (2016-09)
During the spring and summer of 2016, we participated in Ithaka S+R’s Research Support Services program, which “is designed to help libraries re-imagine their services for scholars on a discipline-by-discipline basis.” ...

Food Systems Citation Analysis: Trends in an Emerging Interdisciplinary Field

Kocher, Megan; Kelly, Julia A. (Agricultural Information Worldwide, 2015)

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