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Community Based Research (CBR): Community Assistantship Program Reports  [245]

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Lake of the Woods Solid Waste Policy Report

Krause, Lindsey (2020-08)
Research was conducted for Lake of the Woods County to find policy solutions for the budgetary deficits the county solid waste system and emergency services received in winter of 2020. The deficits were due to the record ...

The Case for Low-Income Solar: Exploring the Obstacles to Solar for LMI Households and Potential Opportunities to Advance Access

Phua, Peiyu (2020-08)
Solar energy — most people would associate it with the wealthy or people who are particularly concerned with the environment. So when they hear the term low-income solar power, they balk at the idea, thinking “what ...

Taking Advantage of this Moment and Opportunity

Reno, Emily (2020)
This project was supported by RSDP (Regional Sustainable Development Partnership). With the help of a graduate student from the University of Minnesota, Agua Gorda Cooperative undertook a project from February to May ...

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