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Millennial-scale climatic change during the last interglacial period: Superparamagnetic sediment proxy from paleosol S1, western Chinese Loess Plateau.

Fang, Xiaomin; Li, J.-J.; Banerjee, Subir; Jackson, Mike; Oches, E.A.; Van der Voo, Rob (Geophysical Research Letters (American Geophysical Union), 1999)
Detailed magnetic analyses of samples from the Jiuzhoutai well section on the western Chinese Loess Plateau reveal high-resolution signals of summer monsoon change. The last interglacial period is represented here by the ...

The superparamagnetism of Yucca Mountain Tuff.

Worm, Horst; Jackson, Mike (Journal of Geophysical Research (American Geophysical Union), 1999)
Yucca Mountain Tuff contains small titanomagnetite grains with narrow size distributions in the superparamagnetic range [Schlinger et al., 1988]. Magnetic measurements on three samples (comprising hysteresis loops at low ...

A new high-resolution geomagnetic paleointensity record for the North American Holocene: A comparison of sedimentary and absolute intensity data

Brachfeld, Stefanie; Banerjee, Subir (Journal of Geophysical Research (American Geophysical Union), 2000)
A new high-resolution paleointensity record for North America has been constructed using Holocene sediments from Lake Pepin, Minnesota. Lake Pepin sediments yield the same Holocene paleosecular variation curve as nearby ...

Domain walls in single-crystal magnetite investigated by magnetic force microscopy

Foss, Sheryl; Moskowitz, Bruce; Proksch, Roger; Dahlberg, E.D. (Journal of Geophysical Research (American Geophysical Union), 1999)
Domain walls in bulk single-crystal magnetite were studied using a variable magnetic field magnetic force microscope (MFM). Classical configurations of 180°, 109°, and 71° walls were observed on (110) surfaces. Magnetostatic ...

Magnetic domains and domain walls in pseudo-single-domain magnetite studied with magnetic force microscopy

Pokhil, Taras; Moskowitz, Bruce (Journal of Geophysical Research (American Geophysical Union), 1997)
Magnetic domain and domain wall structures in pseudo-single-domain grains (5–20 μm) of magnetite (Fe3O4) were studied using magnetic force microscopy. Many of the observed micromagnetic features can be explained by the ...

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