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Carolyn Bishoff  [5]

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Outreach, Collaboration, Collegiality: Evolving Approaches to Library Video Game Services

Bishoff, Carolyn; Farrell, Shannon L.; Neeser, Amy E. (2015)

Data Management Needs Assessment - Surveys in CLA, AHC, CSE, and CFANS

Hofelich Mohr, Alicia; Bishoff, Josh; Johnston, Lisa R; Braun, Steven; Storino, Christine; Bishoff, Carolyn (2015)
Researcher's data management needs were assessed at four colleges with in the University of Minnesota: The College of Liberal Arts (CLA), the Academic Health Center (AHC), the College of Science and Engineering (CSE), and ...

Understanding Researcher Needs in Data Management: A Comparison of Four Colleges in a Large American University

Hofelich Mohr, Alicia; Braun, Steven; Bishoff, Carolyn; Bishoff, Josh; Johnston, Lisa R (2015)
The diverse nature of research makes identifying needs and providing support for data management a complex task in an academic setting. To better understand this diversity, we compare the findings from three surveys on ...

A Review of Data Management Plans (DMPs) from Successful National Science Foundation Grants from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, 2011-2014

Johnston, Lisa R; Bishoff, Carolyn (2015-02-27)
In order to better understand the ongoing needs of campus researchers for managing and sharing their research data the University Libraries conducted a local study of Data Management Plans (DMPs) included in successful ...

Analyzed Data Management Plans (DMPs) from Successful University of Minnesota Grants from the National Science Foundation, 2011-2014

Johnston, Lisa R; Bishoff, Carolyn; McGrory, John; Storino, Chris; Swendsrud, Anders (2015-03-31)
Federal funding agencies are asking principal investigators (PIs) to specify their plans for describing, storing, securing, sharing, and preserving their research data in Data Management Plans (DMPs) included with their ...