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Extension Program Conference Posters 2015  [6]

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Ethical dilemmas experienced by youth workers: Implications for practice and professional development

Walker, Kate; Weiss Rhodes, Tamara Ginger (University of Minnesota Extension, 2015)
Youth work is inherently filled with dilemmas: the challenges in which there are tensions between competing considerations, conflicting interests, and multiple options for taking action (Larson & Walker, 2010). Ethical ...

Looking for a few good citizen scientists: Phenology brings climate change to your own backyard!

Carlson, Stephan; Montgomery, Rebecca; Buyarski, Chris (University of Minnesota Extension, 2015)
Phenology is the timing of seasonal biological events such as budburst, flowering, bird migration and leaf coloring. It has provided the most compelling evidence that plants and animals are responding to changes in climate ...

Children’s Mental Health eReview: Closing the research-practice gap

Michaels, Cari; Cronin, Sarah (University of Minnesota Extension, 2015)
The Children’s Mental Health eReview is a unique, online publication produced through Extension Children, Youth & Family Consortium (CYFC). eReview brings current, accessible research to providers through a thoughtful ...

Engaging Youth in Agriculture Career Exploration: 4-H Science of Agriculture Challenge

Rice, Joshua; Davis, Sharon; Rugg, Brad; Freeman, Dorothy; Grant, Samantha; Woeste, Marcia; Kostick, Renee; Ignaszewski, Tracy; Ward, Ann Marie (University of Minnesota Extension, 2015)
The Minnesota 4-H Science of Agriculture Challenge is a new youth development program that focuses on engaging youth in hands-on agriculture exploration while increasing agricultural literacy, enhancing STEM skills, and ...

Web-Based Preventative Blowing and Drifting Snow Control Decision Tool

Wyatt, Gary; Zamora, Diomy; Current, Dean; Smith, D; Gullickson, D; Mathison, A (University of Minnesota Extension, 2015)
Blowing and drifting snow on Minnesota's roadways is a transportation efficiency and safety concern. Establishing standing corn rows, living and structural snow fences or proper grading during road construction improves ...

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