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Horticultural Crop Revitalization for Future Needs  [15]

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Interspecific Breeding for Warm-Winter Tolerance in Tulipa gesneriana L.

Schmidt, Tyler (2015)
Focus on breeding of Tulipa gesneriana has largely concentrated on appearance. Through interspecific breeding with more warm-tolerant species, tolerance of warm winters could be introduced into the species, decreasing ...

Commercial production of ‘Frontenac’ grapes in greenhouses

Splichal, Becca (2015)
The production of greenhouse grapes is a very uncommon but historic concept. Although rarely found, Vitis riparia ‘Frontenac’ would be a good cultivar for greenhouse production due to its large resistance to root Phylloxera ...

Banana Production in Greenhouses

Smith, Rebecca (2015)
Bananas are an incredibly important economic crop. They are traditionally grown in tropical plantations and are threatened by several incredibly deadly fungi. Production in greenhouses would allow northern climates to grow ...

Fragrance Removal in Lilium L. Subdivision Orientalis (Oriental lily)

McCulloch, Myra (2015)
The Oriental lily is a popular flower. Some enjoy the strong fragrance that accompanies it and others have difficulties with the scent. To reach to market of people who do not like or cannot tolerate the fragrance a new ...

Paeonia spp. Production and Future Developments

Abbey, Marie (2015)
Paeonia spp. is a popular herbaceous flowering plant native to temperate regions of the world. Though demand for the cut flowers is high year-round current production methods and physiological barriers of the plant itself ...

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