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2015 Digital Topographic Analysis Workshop  [11]

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The Workshop on Digital Topographic Analysis: LiDAR, Satellite Imagery, Terrestrial Laser Scanning, and GIS was a 2-day workshop held May 14-15 2015, with a focus on using satellite imagery, LiDAR data, and terrestrial laser scanning (TLS), to create high resolution topographic maps for research in the geosciences, archaeology, geography, forestry, and many other disciplines. This workshop was run as a partnership between U-Spatial, the Polar Geospatial Center, the Heritage Collaborative, and the Departments of Earth Science and Anthropology.

Recently Added

Non-Invasive Archaeological Site Assessment: A Combined Approach Using LiDAR and Sub-Surface Geophysical Survey

Maki, David (2015-05-14)
The recent availability of light detection and ranging (LiDAR) data has revolutionized archaeological research in Minnesota and beyond. LiDAR allows us to identify archaeological resources over large spatial extents and ...

Geomorphic Change Detection and Site Documentation with Terrestrial Laser Scanning

Gran, Karen (2015-05-14)
Terrestrial laser scanning (TLS), also known as ground-based lidar, provides a way to rapidly collect high-resolution topographic data of a surface while minimizing disturbance. While aerial lidar data provides spatial ...

From GPS and Google Maps to Spatial Computing

Shekhar, Shashi (2015-05-14)
From virtual globes (e.g., Google Maps) to global positioning system, spatial computing has transformed society via pervasive services (e.g., Uber and other location-based services), ubiquitous systems (e.g., geographical ...

Land Classification using Image Objects and LiDAR

Knight, Joseph (2015-05-14)
This seminar will provide an overview of land classification applications of objectbased image analysis and lidar. The goal will be to demonstrate the practical value of incorporating these techniques into mapping efforts ...

Introduction and "LiDAR in Minnesota: Where We Are and How We Got Here"

Nelson, Joel (2015-05-14)
Minnesota is a leader in geospatial information, and one of few states in the U.S. with complete LiDAR coverage. We'll go through some LiDAR examples for our state, along with applications of LiDAR nationwide, discussing ...

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