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Using household travel surveys to adjust ITE trip generation rates

Currans, Kristina M.; Clifton, Kelly J. (Journal of Transport and Land Use, 2015)
The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Trip Generation Handbook has become the predominant method for estimating vehicle trips generated by development. The handbook is often criticized for its inability to account ...

Introduction to special section on paratransit

King, David (Journal of Transport and Land Use, 2015)
Over the past few years, private taxi, jitneys, and other paratransit services have blossomed in cities around the world. Scholars have noticed. Two things stand out immediately. First, we don’t know very much about how ...

From direct to trunk-and-feeder public transport services in the Urban South: Territorial implications

Ferro, Pablo Salazar; Behrens, Roger (Journal of Transport and Land Use, 2015)
In the Global South, many ongoing public transport improvement initiatives are based on a complete restructuring of the existing system. More often than not, plans call for an eventual absorption of incumbent operators ...

Towards a simulation of minibuses in South Africa

Neumann, Andreas; Röder, Daniel; Joubert, Johan W. (Journal of Transport and Land Use, 2015)
After private cars, minibus taxis are the most common transport mode in South Africa. Especially for low-income citizens living in townships, minibus services are often the only possibility for mobility. Despite the great ...

Get on the (curbside) bus: The new intercity bus

Klein, Nicholas J. (Journal of Transport and Land Use, 2015)
Curbside buses are intercity buses that pick up and drop off on city streets and corners instead of bus terminals. These new buses have only been operating for 15 years but have quickly revitalized and transformed the ...