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Trip generation: Introduction to the special section

Handy, Susan L. (Journal of Transport and Land Use, 2015)
This paper introduces a set of articles about how transportation planners need better tools for estimating trip generation, and to develop better tools we need more data collection, especially methods that capture passenger ...

Adjusting ITE’s Trip Generation Handbook for urban context

Clifton, Kelly J.; Currans, Kristina M.; Muhs, Christopher D. (Journal of Transport and Land Use, 2015)
This study examines the ways in which urban context affects vehicle trip generation rates across three land uses. An intercept travel survey was administered at 78 establishments (high-turnover restaurants, convenience ...

Phantom trips: Overestimating the traffic impacts of new development

Millard-Ball, Adam (Journal of Transport and Land Use, 2015)
The Trip Generation Manual is the standard reference for assessing the impacts of new development on traffic congestion and the environment in the United States. However, a comparison to household surveys suggests that the ...

Large urban freight traffic generators: Opportunities for city logistics initiatives

Jaller, Miguel; Wang, Xiaokun (Cara); Holguin-Veras, Jose (Journal of Transport and Land Use, 2015)
This paper develops procedures to identify and quantify the role played by large urban freight traffic generators as contributors of truck traffic in metropolitan areas. Although ports, container terminals, and other ...

Method to adjust Institute of Transportation Engineers vehicle trip-generation estimates in smart-growth areas

Schneider, Robert James; Shafizadeh, Kevan; Handy, Susan L. (Journal of Transport and Land Use, 2015)
This paper describes a practical method of adjusting existing Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) estimates to produce more accurate estimates of motor-vehicle trip-generation at developments in smart-growth areas. ...