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Volume 05, Number 4, 2014  [7]

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Evaluation of an Initiative for Fostering Provider-Pharmacist Team Management of Hypertension in Communities

Doucette, William R.; Lickteig, Cailin; Veach, Stevie; Carter, Barry; Levy, Barcey (University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy, 2014)
Objectives: 1) Conduct team building activities for provider-community pharmacist teams in small communities and 2) Determine the impact of the team approach on practitioner-reported consequences and 3) Identify obstacles ...

Are We Treating The Patient or the Disease?

Vogt, Eleanor; Shane, Patricia; Kahn, Henry (University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy, 2014)
The evidence abounds. A compelling body of research estimates that psychosocial stressors play a role in a significant number of patient complaints seen in primary care. In addition to the challenges faced by primary care ...

Student pharmacists’ and recent graduates’ perception of and interest in independent pharmacy ownership

Sweaney, Ashley M.; Casper, Kristin A; Hoyt, Cara D.; Wehr, Allison M. (University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy, 2014)
Objectives: To assess student pharmacists’ and recent graduates’ interest in independent community pharmacy ownership and compare perceptions of pharmacy ownership among students and recent graduates. Methods: An anonymous ...

Validity of Electronic Prescription Claims Records: A Comparison of Commercial Insurance Claims with Pharmacy Provider Derived Records

Martin, Bradley C.; Shewale, Anand (University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy, 2014)
Objectives: To determine if and to what extent records obtained from PBM pharmacy claims differ from source documents obtained directly from pharmacy providers. This study also sought to explore possible associations between ...

Differences in career paths and attributes of pharmacists completing a community pharmacy residency program (CPRP)

Ulbrich, Timothy R.; Adams, Alex; Bright, David R.; Sullivan, Donald L.; Schnur, Evan; Bess, D. Todd; Owen, James; Bradley-Baker, Lynette (University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy, 2014)
Objective: To determine any differences in career paths and career attributes of pharmacists who have completed a PGY1 community pharmacy residency program (CPRP) as compared to those that have not completed a PGY1 ...

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