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Assessing Pharmacists’ Attitudes and Barriers Involved with Immunizations

Aldrich, Sarah; Sullivan, Donald (University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy, 2014)

Medication non-adherence in the homeless population in an Intermountain West city

Unni, Elizabeth J.; Ashment, Riki; Miller, Elizabeth; Draper, Andrew M. (University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy, 2014)
Background: Homelessness happens when people or household are unable to acquire and/or maintain housing they can afford. Approximately 17% of homeless individuals are also chronically ill. Studies have often not objectively ...

Addressing Clinical Faculty Need: Creating a Process and Evaluation for Peer Review of Practice

Moon, Jean Y.; Reidt, Shannon; Undeberg, Megan; Schullo-Feulner, Anne (University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy, 2014)
Objectives: To describe the evolving process and evaluate the perceived value of peer review for clinical faculty. Methods: Using a 5-point Likert scale, clinical faculty rated the value of an electronic peer review process ...

Integrating Components of Medication Therapy Management Services into Community Pharmacy Workflow

Lester, Corey A.; Helmke, Jennifer L.; Kaefer, Tana N.; Moczygemba, Leticia R.; Goode, Jean-Venable R. (University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy, 2014)
Objective: The objective of this study was to develop and evaluate a process for integrating components of medication therapy management services into a community pharmacy workflow. Secondary objectives were to evaluate ...

Fluconazole-Associated Birth Defects: A Comprehensive Review

Firth, Janssen M.; Daniel, Nicholas; Hughes, Peter J. (University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy, 2014)
Background: The August 2013 publication of a large historical cohort study in the New England Journal of Medicine has reignited interest in the potential teratogenic effects of fluconazole when used in pregnant females. ...