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Residential self-selection in the relationships between the built environment and travel behavior: Introduction to the special issue

Cao, Jason (Journal of Transport and Land Use, 2014)
This paper introduces the topic of residential self-selection, the topic for this issue of the Journal of Transport and Land Use.

Residential self-selection, built environment, and travel behavior in the Chinese context

Wang, Donggen; Lin, Tao (Journal of Transport and Land Use, 2014)
Residential self-selection has been reported to be a factor confounding the observed relationship between built environment and travel behavior. By incorporating residential self-selection, studies have generated much ...

Residential self-selection in travel behavior: Towards an integration into mobility biographies

Scheiner, Joachim (Journal of Transport and Land Use, 2014)
The debate on residential self-selection (RSS) in the travel field seeks to answer the question of whether and to what extent spatial differences in traveling may be explained in spatial terms or to what extent, rather, ...

Revisiting residential self-selection issues: A life-oriented approach

Zhang, Junyi (Journal of Transport and Land Use, 2014)
It has been widely argued that residential self-selection stems from two sources: attitudes and sociodemographic traits. This argument would be true if decisions were made with respect to only residential choice and travel ...

Estimating the effect of land use and transportation planning on travel patterns: Three problems in controlling for residential self-selection

Chatman, Daniel (Journal of Transport and Land Use, 2014)
The common understanding of “residential self-selection” generally found in research on the effects of the built environment on travel is in error in three main ways. First, scholars have generally failed to recognize that ...