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2015 Minnesota Aquaponics Conference Posters  [6]

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Aquaponics in Minnesota: Recent Findings and Best Practices in Food Safety

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Identifying aquaponics information gaps: An examination of educational resources available to home hobbyists in Minneapolis garden center sites

Campbell, Natalie; Miller, Lindsey; Reynolds, Abby (2015-05)
Aquaponics home hobbyists may rely on garden centers as an important source of materials and information. Our study evaluated garden center staff knowledge about aquaponics in order to help the staff close their own ...

Comparing multiple forms of light on different cultivars of Swiss chard in the ebb and flow bench aquatic system

Gebhardt, Benjamin; White, Michael; Montouri, Christina; Vonzenz, Karl (2015-05)

The effect of red wiggler worms (Eisenia fetida) on aquaponics nutrient solution properties and system stability across solution temperature

Haberman, Andrew; Peterson, Mitchal; Ruby, Allison (2015-05)
This project begins to quantify the potential benefit of red wiggler worms as a low cost input for aquaponics producers to increase nutrient concentration available to plants and thus increase subsequent yield. Through ...

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