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A Gentle Approach: Interacting With a person Who is Semi-Conscious or presumed in Coma

Hoyt, Jane (University of Minnesota SPH, 1994)
This document, written by Jane D. Hoyt, M.E.d., explains how to interact with a person who is semi-conscious or presumed in coma.

Commentray: Paper's Predictably Pro-choice; Public isn't so sure

Calvin, Steven, E (Star Tribune, 1999-04-19)
The following document is an editorial, by program co-chair Steven E. Calvin, MD, reprinted from the Opinion page of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. It originally appeared on Monday, April 19th.

An Approach to Teaching

Dolan, John, M (1999-06)
The following document is a statement, by program co-chair John M. Dolan, was written on the occasion of his induction into the University of Minnesota's Academy of Distinguished Teachers, in June 1999.

International Forum on Medical Ethics

Calvin, Steve (University of Minnesota SPH, 2000-10-28)
This article, written by Steve Calvin M.D., describes the ethical challenges of maternal-fetal medicine practice in the United States.

John Dolan Memorial Symposium

university of Minnesota. Program in Human Rights and Health (2006)
This document is the program and registration for the John Dolan Memorial Symposium 2006 held on October 11th and 12th by the Program of Human Rights and Medicine.

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