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Designing for Cognitive Assistance: Using Technology to Improve the Lives of People with Cognitive Decline

Stebbings, Wade M (2021-07)
Designing for cognitive decline using a tablet-based system to support failing memory, this project aims to mitigate the consequences of cognitive decline. The study occurs across four development iterations, resulting in ...

Mass Spectometry

Olson, Julie K
The data set is mass spectometry data from exosomes isolated from microglia. The data set is released for publications.

How Police Officers Can Save Rural EMS

Shekhar, Aditya C (Journal of Emergency Medical Services, 2020-01-14)

PPE in EMS Moving Forward: Lessons Learned from COVID-19

Shekhar, Aditya C (Journal of Emergency Medical Services, 2020-06-02)

Financial_Identity Manuscript_ Online Supplemental files

Serido, Joyce (2021)
This file includes supporting details for the data used in a manuscript entitled, Becoming self-sufficient: A longitudinal person-centered analysis of financial identity and adult status during emerging adulthood. The ...