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Articles and Scholarly Works (Twin Cities)  [124]

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Open access articles authored by members of the University of Minnesota community. See the University of Minnesota Open Access Policy for Scholarly Articles that went into effect January 2015.

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Emotion Regulation and Parenting Database Search Strategy

Palmer, Alyssa R (N/A, 2020)
Following an increased interest in studying emotions and emotion regulation, there has been a recent proliferation of research on the role of emotion regulation in parenting. Emerging evidence from various fields suggests ...

Emergence and Stability of Self-Evolved Cooperative Strategies using Stochastic Machines

Kuan, Jin H; Salecha, Aadesh (2019-12)
To investigate the origin of cooperative behaviors, we developed an evolutionary model of sequential strategies and tested our model with computer simulations. The sequential strategies represented by stochastic machines ...

The Once and Future River: Imagining the Mississippi in an Era of Climate Change: University of Minnesota Sawyer Seminar Symposium Program

River Life Program (2015)
This symposium is a component of the John E. Sawyer Seminar “Making the Mississippi: Formulating New Water Narratives for the 21st Century and Beyond” organized by the Institute for Advanced Study and River Life at the ...

Natural Transition Orbital Calculations in the RASSI module of OpenMolcas

Bao, Jie, J; Truhlar, Donald, G.; Gagliardi, Laura (2020-01-07)
This is a detailed explanation of calculating natural transition orbitals in the RASSI module in OpenMolcas. The theory is explained and the keyword used in the code is presented.

Sustainable Development: What is it, Why Care, and How can Korean businesses Profit from it?

Andregg, Michael M. (Pusan National University, 2007-11)
This is a 26 slide PowerPoint presentation on Sustainable Economic Development that accompanied the 11 page academic paper on same presented at the same South Korean Universities and trade associations.

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