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Articles and Scholarly Works (Twin Cities)  [181]

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Open access articles authored by members of the University of Minnesota community. See the University of Minnesota Open Access Policy for Scholarly Articles that went into effect January 2015.

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Emergence and Stability of Self-Evolved Cooperative Strategies using Stochastic Machines

Kuan, Jin H; Salecha, Aadesh (2019-12)
To investigate the origin of cooperative behaviors, we developed an evolutionary model of sequential strategies and tested our model with computer simulations. The sequential strategies represented by stochastic machines ...

Os Columnatum Again: Plautus, Miles Gloriosus 211

Gallia, Andrew (University of Chicago Press, 2020)
This article offers a new interpretation of the phrase "os columnatum" ("columned face") in Plautus, Miles Gloriosus 211. Instead of a reference to some form of punishment, it is suggested that the phrase indicates a ...

Review of Penelope J. Goodman (ed) Afterlives of Augustus (Cambridge 2018)

Gallia, Andrew (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2019)

On the Feasibility of RTapp™ as a Daily Delivered Dose Evaluation Tool for Adaptive Lung Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT)

Zulkarnain, Nur Izzati Huda (2020-08)
RTapp™ is a daily dose evaluation software developed by ©SegAna LLC. It utilizes deformable image registration (DIR) to update patient anatomy based on daily cone-beam CT and assess the dose distribution according to the ...

Inclusion in the Outdoors to Address Social Determinants of Health with Wilderness Inquiry

Newcome, Elle Maureen (2019)
Outdoor time is important for maximizing health. Unfortunately, certain social determinants of health (SDH) — such as low socioeconomic status, differing physical abilities, and lack of knowledge of how to engage in an ...

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