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Articles and Scholarly Works (Twin Cities)  [199]

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Open access articles authored by members of the University of Minnesota community. See the University of Minnesota Open Access Policy for Scholarly Articles that went into effect January 2015.

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An Introduction to Spatial Data Mining

Golmohammadi, Jamal; Xie, Yiqun; Gupta, Jayant; Farhadloo, Majid; Li, Yan; Cai, Jiannan; Detor, Samantha; Roh, Abigail; Shekhar, Shashi (University Consortium for Geographic Information Science, 2020)
The goal of spatial data mining is to discover potentially useful, interesting, and non-trivial patterns from spatial data-sets (e.g., GPS trajectory of smartphones). Spatial data mining is societally important having ...

The Importance of Socio-Economic Primary and Secondary Images for Thailand's Tourism: A Case Study of Swedish Tourists

Chaiyamart, Pattaraphongpan (International Journal of Social Science Studies, 2021-05)
Swedish tourists constitute one of the most important markets for Thailand’s tourism industry. On average, Swedish tourists stay in Thailand 9 days and spend 101 euros per day. Their image of Thailand plays a significant ...

Multidimensional well-being of residents affected by the Pak Mun Dam, Thailand

Chaiyamart, Pattaraphongpan (SSBFNET, 2021-03)
Understanding the effects on the overall well-being of the communities affected by the Pak Mun Dam construction would fill in the gaps in existing knowledge and facilitate a deeper discussion of the factors that impact ...

Nuclear Reactions: How Nuclear-Armed States Behave

Bell, Mark S. (Cornell University Press, 2021)
Mark S. Bell argues that nuclear weapons are useful for more than deterrence. They are leveraged to pursue a wide range of goals in international politics, and the nations that acquire them significantly change their foreign ...

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