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Ellen Engseth  [5]

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Collaboration Across Borders, or Piiride-ülene Koostöö: Estonians and Americans Working Together Towards Accessible Archival Collections

Engseth, Ellen; Ramler, Gristel (Journal of Library Administration, 2019)
A collaborative project to improve global description and thus discovery of library material is shared and analyzed after a decade of activity. The Immigration History Research Center Archives and the National Archives of ...

"Cultural Competency: A Framework for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the Archival Profession in the United States"

Engseth, Ellen (The Society of American Archivists, 2018)
This article explores cultural competency in the context of the archival profession in the United States. The author reviews the cultural competency framework, the pertinent literature of archives, library, and information ...

Creating Videos for Reference and Instruction

Engseth, Ellen (Archival Practice, 2014-12)
The author provides a case study of creating screencasts rendered as videos and disseminated as learning objects to support archival reference and instruction. These videos fit into a broader learning object experience ...