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Forest Health Concerns and Management among Resort & Campground Owners in Minnesota

Bobick, Bridget; Russell, Matthew; Schneider, Ingrid (University of Minnesota, 2016)

Assessing the Impacts of Sustainable Tourism Programming in Small Communities

Teng, Somongkol; Chazdon, Scott (University of Minnesota, 2016)

Second Homeowners: Findings from Research in Two Areas of Minnesota

Pesch, Ryan; Bussiere, Merritt; Bennett, John (University of Minnesota, 2016)

How will climate change affect visitors' behavior?

McCreary, Allie; Seekamp, Erin; Smith, Jordan W; Davenport, Mae (University of Minnesota, 2016)

What are community leaders saying about climate readiness?

Katz, Karen; Shepard, Jenn; Davenport, Mae; Seekamp, Erin (University of Minnesota, 2016)