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Presentations and Working Papers  [18]

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Included are presentations and working papers for the PAAW Program.

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Year 1 Review

Taylor, Brian (2015-10-29)

CFD/CSD-based IOROM Construction for mAEWing1 initial design

Danowsky, Brian (2015-09-15)
This working paper summarizes the construction of the Input to Output Reduced Order Model (IOROM) for mAEWing1. The linear time invariant (LTI) IOROM is based on a fixed trimmed flight condition and is represented as a ...

Modal Identification from Sköll flight tests

Danowsky, Brian (2015-06-20)
Modal identification was performed on flight test data using the Curve Fitting Frequency Domain Decomposition (CFDD) method. The emphasis is to identify aeroelastic modes rather than rigid body modes. Consequently, the ...

System identification studies with the stiff wing mini MUTT Fenrir – Flight 20

Danowsky, Brian (2015-06-11)
A successful flight test with the stiff wing mini MUTT, named Fenrir, was conducted on 27 May 2015. The purpose of this flight was to gather preliminary data for system identification focused on low frequency rigid body ...

Survey of Existing Aeroservoelastic Models

Danowsky, Brian; Schmidt, David (2015-05-04)
This working paper documents a survey of existing mathematical models of aeroservoelastic aircraft. For the purposes of this working paper, the primary purpose of such models is for control analysis and design. Enhanced ...

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