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Performance Adaptive Aeroeleastic Wing (PAAW) Program  [62]

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The goal of the Performance Adaptive Aeroelastic Wing (PAAW) Program is to research and develop a future commercial aircraft wing that continuously optimizes its shape for current flight conditions and aircraft configuration. This approach could maximize lift for takeoff, minimize fuel consumption in cruise, or maximize lift and drag for landing. All data, models, and software developed as part of this program will be available open-source. Please visit our program website for additional information at:


Recently Added

Year 1 Review

Taylor, Brian (2015-10-29)

CFD/CSD-based IOROM Construction for mAEWing1 initial design

Danowsky, Brian (2015-09-15)
This working paper summarizes the construction of the Input to Output Reduced Order Model (IOROM) for mAEWing1. The linear time invariant (LTI) IOROM is based on a fixed trimmed flight condition and is represented as a ...

Hati Flight 1

Taylor, Brian (2015-10-14)

Modal Identification from Sköll flight tests

Danowsky, Brian (2015-06-20)
Modal identification was performed on flight test data using the Curve Fitting Frequency Domain Decomposition (CFDD) method. The emphasis is to identify aeroelastic modes rather than rigid body modes. Consequently, the ...

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