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Phenology data for the invasive macroalga Nitellopsis obtusa (starry stonewort) in Minnesota, USA, 2017 - 2018

Glisson, Wesley J; Muthukrishnan, Ranjan; Wagner, Carli K; Larkin, Daniel J (2021-11-22)
Understanding the phenology of aquatic invasive plants is critical for evaluating and predicting their ecological impacts and timing control efforts. Despite its 45-year invasion history in North America, relatively little ...

A Novel Methacrylate Derivative Polymer That Resists Bacterial Cell-Mediated Biodegradation Data Sharing Archive

Kumar, Dhiraj; Ghose, Debarati; Mutreja, Isha; Bolskar, Robert; Jones, Robert S (2021-11-22)
We studied biodegradation resistance of a custom synthesized (by TDA Research Inc) novel ethylene glycol ethyl methacrylate (EGEMA) with ester bond linkages that are external to the central polymer backbone when polymerized. ...

Experimental data of vegetation-induced hyporheic exchange experiment in Ecoflume of St. Anthony Falls Laboratory on 2021 (29GB)

Huang, Shih-Hsun; Yang, Judy Q. (2021-11-19)
The dye injection experiments were conducted to investigate the impacts of the vegetation-generated turbulence on hyporheic exchange. The data set includes the results and raw data of solute washout experiments and the ...

Data for Doping- and Strain-Dependent Electrolyte-Gate-Induced Perovskite to Brownmillerite Transformation in Epitaxial La1−xSrxCoO3−δ Films

Chaturvedi, Vipul; Postiglione, William M; Chakraborty, Rohan D; Yu, Biqiong; Tabiś, Wojciech; Hameed, Sajna; Biniskos, Nikolaos; Jacobson, Andrew; Zhang, Zhan; Zhou, Hua; Greven, Martin; Ferry, Vivian E; Leighton, Chris (2021-11-17)
Much recent attention has focused on the voltage-driven reversible topotactic transformation between the ferromagnetic metallic perovskite (P) SrCoO3−δ and oxygen-vacancy-ordered antiferromagnetic insulating brownmillerite ...

Heating, Susceptibility, and XRD data for Differential thermal analysis using standard rock magnetic equipment

Doctor, Rashida K; Feinberg, Joshua M (2021-11-16)
Data for "Differential thermal analysis using standard rock magnetic equipment", including susceptibility measurements, powder x-ray diffraction, and differential scanning calorimetry. Used in determining how to use the ...