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Radiatively Driven Convection, 2019 field campaign

Austin, Jay A (2020-10-23)
From May-July 2019, a large array of equipment was deployed in western Lake Superior to study a process called Radiatively Driven Convection (RDC). This occurs when solar radiation is incident on fresh water whose temperature ...

Supplementary data for "Trajectories of long duration balloons launched from McMurdo Station in Antarctica"

School of Physics and Astronomy, Hanany - Observational Cosmology Lab; Geach, Christopher; (2020-10-23)
These files contain trajectory information for long-duration balloons launched from McMurdo Station in Antarctica. These balloons carry payloads addressing a wide range of scientific questions. We have analyzed these ...

Supporting Information for Ligand effects on Decarbonylation of Palladium-acyl Complexes

Wiessner, Tedd C; Fosu, Samuel A; Parveen, Riffat; Vlaisavljevich, Bess; Tolman, William B; Rath, Nigam (2020-10-22)
These files contain primary data along with associated output from instrumentation supporting all results reported in "Ligand effects on Decarbonylation of Palladium-acyl Complexes". In this work we found: The influences ...

High Frequency Oxygen Data from Eight Shallow Prairie Pothole Lakes, 2009-2013

Rabaey, Joseph S; Cotner, James B; Zimmer, Kyle D; Domine, Leah M (2020-10-15)
Dissolved oxygen controls important processes in lakes, from chemical reactions to organism community structure and metabolism. In shallow lakes, small volumes allow for large fluctuations in dissolved oxygen concentrations, ...

Perceptions of COVID-19 and Health Survey in the United States, Cross-sectional study April 2020

Vogel, Rachel I; Lou, Emil; Mburu, E. Waruiru; Thomaier, Lauren; Hui, Jane YC; Nelson, Heather H; Teoh, Deanna; Brown, Katherine; Blaes, Anne; Holtan, Shernan; Jewett, Patricia; Parsons, Helen (2020-10-12)
Cross-sectional anonymous online survey among individuals with and without cancer in the United States during the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic (April 3, 2020 – April 11, 2020). NOTE: To protect the identity of ...